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Committee Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Committee Meeting Schedule & Minutes

The next committee meetings are Tuesday, Jan. 14, at OPPD Energy Plaza, 9 West Seminar Room, 444 S. 16th St., Omaha, NE.

9:00 a.m. - Closed Session (Closed to the public due to sensitive or proprietary topics)
10 a.m. - Public Session

All visitors to Energy Plaza should sign in at the Security Desk and receive a visitor badge before proceeding to the Energy Plaza 9 West Seminar room for the Committee meetings.

2020 Committee Meetings

February 11
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9
July 14
August 11
September 15
October 13
November 10
December 15

2020 Material

Committee Meeting Package
SD-6: Safety Monitoring Report
Legislative Update
Power with Purpose Update

2019 Material

Committee Meeting Package
2020 Final Corporate Operating Plan
SD-8: Employee Relations Monitoring Report
Power with Purpose: Solar RFP
December Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
2020 Preliminary Corporate Operating Plan Presentation
2020 Preliminary Corporate Operating Plan
SD-13: Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Monitoring Report
SD-7: Environmental Stewardship Policy Revisions
Power with Purpose: Procurement of Integrated Photovoltaic Solar and Natural Gas Fueled Generation
SD-8: Employee Relations Policy Revisions
November Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
SD-11: Economic Development Monitoring Report
Potential Capacity Updates - Power with Purpose
Affirmative Action Plan Report
SD-12: Information Management and Security Monitoring Report
October Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
DSM Potentiality Study Update
SD-7: Environmental Stewardship Monitoring Report
SD-10: Ethics Monitoring Report
September Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
Engineer’s Certification: Platte River Crossings
Nebraska City Station Unit 1 Turbine Reliability/Rotors 
SD-5: Customer Satisfaction Monitoring Report
Best Places to Work Survey Results 
August Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Nuclear Oversight Committee Report
161-13.8 kV 18/24/30 (33.6) MVA Substation Class Transformers
SD-9: Resource Planning Monitoring Report
July Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
SD-2 Rates Monitoring Report
SD-15 Enterprise Risk Management Monitoring Report
Legislative Update
June Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
Legislative Update
May Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
SD-3: Access to Credit Markets Monitoring Report
161kV – 345kV Substation Electrical Equipment
Legislative Update
April Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
Retirement Plan: Annual Report
SD-14: Retirement Plan Funding Monitoring Report
161kV & 345kV Substation Steel Supports
STP Transmission Construction Services
Legislative Update
OPPD Collection & Energy Assistance Update
Community Solar Update
March Minutes

Committee Meeting Package
Legislative Update 2019
SD-1 Monitoring Report
February Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Legislative Update
SD-6 Safety Monitoring Report
Control Buildings for Substation
345kV Foundations, Ducts and Grounding
January Minutes