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Business Rates

Business Rates

Affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy service 

Commercial and Industrial Billing Components: 

  • Your Service Charge will be the same amount every month. This charge is billed to all customers regardless of the amount of electricity used.
  • Your Energy Charge is based on the amount of energy used during the billing period. Energy use is priced per kilowatt-hour (kWh). One kilowatt (kW) equals 1,000 watts (w). 

For complete information, view OPPD's Service Regulations and Schedules.

Business Service - Rate 230

Summer (June 1 - Sept. 30)

Service Charge: $33/month
Energy Charge: 

Non-Summer (Oct. 1 - May 31)

Service Charge: $33/month
Energy Charge: 

Rates Explained

Small Commercial,
Non-Demand - Rate 230

This rate is for non-residential customers using less than 50kW during each summer months or less than 84kW during each non-summer months. LEARN MORE

Service Charge: $33.00/month

Energy Charge:
Summer (June 1 - Sept. 30)
0-1,000 kWh                 9.11 ¢/kWh
1,001+ kWh                  8.40 ¢/kWh

Non-summer (Oct. 1 - May 31)
0-3,000 kWh                 7.89 ¢/kWh
3,001+ kWh                  5.24 ¢/kWh

Minimum Monthly Bill: $33.00

Small Commercial,
Demand - Rate 231

This rate is for commercial service using more than 50kW during the summer months. LEARN MORE

Service Charge: $19.86/month

Demand Charge: 
Per kW                                           $5.38 /kW 
Minimum billing demand of 18kW per month

Energy Charge:
Summer (June 1 - Sept. 30)
First 300 kWh per kW of demand   7.38 ¢/kWh
All additional kWh                           5.00 ¢/kWh

Non-summer (Oct. 1 - May 31)
First 300 kWh per kW of demand   6.10 ¢/kWh
All additional kWh                           3.75 ¢/kWh
Minimum Monthly Bill: $116.70

The Fuel and Purchase Power Adjustment will apply to the above rates. 

How are Rates Set?

Each rate schedule is determined by gathering all costs of providing electric services for OPPD's customer-owners. Costs are categorized into generation, transmission, distribution, and workforce. Next, these categorized costs are divided into billing components and are included in each of the different rate schedules.