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Contactor Newsletter
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Contactor Newsletter

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The Contactor newsletter is used to communicate to contractors we do business with on a daily basis. Newsletters are sent out intermittently when a pertinent change is made to the metering specifications manual or other practices and procedures. 

Newsletter Issues

August 2022 Issue - Placing a 3 Phase Transformer
July 2020 Issue - Customer-Owned Generation
May 2019 Issue - Ducted Service Requirements
August 2018 Issue - Horn Bypass and Ground Marking
July 2017 Issue - Distributed Energy Resources
June 2017 Issue - Transformer Fault Currents
November 2016 Issue - Ducted Services
March 2015 Issue - Underground Residential Services: Builder Installed Duct
September 2014 Issue - Customer Generation
June 2014 Issue - Underground Temporary Services
November 2013 Issue - Builder Installed Service Duct
September 2013 Issue – Builder Installed Service Duct Postponed
June 2013 Issue – Builder Installed Service Duct
May 2013 Issue – Meter Manual Updates
February 2013 Issue – Metro area electric service designer (ESD) territory changes
January 2013 Issue - Farm Meter Assembly
August 2012 Issue - Meter Manual updates; generation installation guidelines; transformer slab details; lever bypass
August 2011 Issue - House service pre-connect policy
June 2011 Issue - Flood disconnect policy; new electrical service designer territory maps
April 2011 Issue - New underground dip rates
December 2010 Issue - 200-amp underground meter socket specifications; underground temporary service posts
September 2009 Issue - Meter socket slip joint riser installations; new meter specification formats
April 2009 Issue - New guidelines: underground dips; new meter specifications manuals; lighting incentive pilot program
June 2008 Issue - Underground dips; temporary poles; lever bypass; all equipment on transformer (AEOT)
May 2007 Issue - Territory maps; new residential underground dip process
January 2007 Issue - Gaining access for measuring cable lengths; bypass lever
October 2006 Issue - OPPD no longer supplies Sealtight/liquidtight assemblies for underground temporary services
April 2006 Issue - OPPD will enforce Section 4.08, meter locations of the Meter Specification Manual
March 2006 Issue - OPPD no longer supplies meter sockets and slip-joint risers
Meter Specification Manual


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