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New Project Checklist
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New Project Checklist

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The following checklist provides information you will need prior to adding new or upgraded service.

Project Identification

  • Project name
  • Owner's name and contact information
  • Contact person's name and contact information
  • Architect and consulting engineer
  • General contractor and electrical contractor (when known)
  • Project address/service address
  • Legal description (for easements if needed)

Building Location

  • Site plan
  • Building elevations
  • Grade changes planned
  • Distribution pole relocations

Electrical Data

  • Total connected load details: a) lighting kW; b) motor HP; c) heating kW; d) air conditioning kW or tonnage; e) miscellaneous
  • kW of largest unit of load
  • Estimated maximum demand in kW (if available)
  • Type of transformer installation desired: a) padmount; b) overhead; c) other
  • Point of entrance / meter location desired
  • Voltage and phase desired
  • Electrical one-line diagram
  • Number and size of each main disconnect
  • Number and size of line and load conductors
  • kVa meter or specialized (pulse) metering needed
  • If rewiring, old meter number
  • Possible future load additions

Time Schedule

  • Work drawings, start and completion dates
  • Bid date
  • Permanent service date