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Our Workforce

Our 13-county district of Nebraska is home to a hard-working, highly educated workforce 750,000 strong. We continue to grow, with a projected population of 1.7 million by 2030.

Work Ethic

Nebraskans work hard. With over 71% labor force participation rate, one of the highest in the nation, and one in eight workers holding two or more jobs, there is no questioning a Nebraskan’s work ethic.

Research shows that we have low workforce turnover and we’ve been ranked the 4th Best in Labor Force Participation by U.S. News and World Report (2018).

Our workforce demonstrates the Midwestern work ethic, producing $4,000 more goods and services than the average worker does, nationally.

We’ve added almost 31,000 jobs over the past ten years – twice as much as the national average.


Within our 60-mile radius you’ll find a workforce with a proven track record of helping tech firms (PayPal, LinkedIn, Oath (formerly Yahoo!), Google and Facebook), manufacturing businesses (ConAgra Brands, Kellogg’s, Airlite Plastics), and Bioscience companies (Cargill, Evonik, Novozymes). Our population is well-trained to handle the demands of data center employment, manufacturing, and biosciences.

Our state offers unique programs for job training and education in these specialty areas.

Nebraska Customized Job-Training Advantage

Provides a flexible and discretionary job-training program that offers $500-$4,000+ per job, depending on the financial investment, number of jobs being created, types of jobs, training being provided and by whom, and geographic considerations. You can design your own training, or a statewide training team can assist with the training needs assessments, training plans, curriculum development and training instruction.

For more information: Nebraska Customized Job-Training Advantage.


Intern Nebraska

The Intern Nebraska Program helps businesses create and fund new internship positions for college and university students to gain job experience while working with companies across the state. Grants awarded may be up to 50% of the cost of the internship for eligible projects, up to $5,000 per internship.

Businesses that hire students receiving federal Pell Grants may provide a supplemental application and may be awarded a grant of up to 75% and an additional $2,500 per internship. Businesses may be awarded up to five interns per location and up to 10 companywide per grant fiscal year.

For more information: Intern Nebraska


Nebraska Worker Training Program

The Nebraska Worker Training Program (WTP), administered by the Department of Labor, provides grants to established businesses to fund training projects for workers in the state.

Grants are distributed based on the following:
  • Size of business:
    • 40% to small businesses with fewer than 100 employees
    • 40% to medium to large businesses with 100 or more employees
    • 20% to employer demonstration projects
  • Type of industry
  • Geographic location
  • Number of demand occupations that benefit the economy and broaden the worker skill pool

Established, for-profit businesses that contribute to the State Unemployment Insurance Trust fund are eligible for the program (except employee-leasing firms). Businesses provide matching contributions equal to or greater than the grant funds requested.

For more information: Nebraska Worker Training Program