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Why Public Power
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Why Public Power

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OPPD Logo, Omaha Public Power District
OPPD provides our community with the ability and infrastructure to do anything they can imagine.
The first P in our name stands for public. that means OPPD is publicly owned, locally controlled, not-for-profit and focused on its customers.
OPPD answers to the communities it serves so it has their best interests at heart. and the stats to back it up.
Lower Rates
Average KWH 9.35* cents
Compared to the national average, Nebraska’s public power companies (including OPPD) rates are some of the lowest in the country.

*Compared to the national average of 12.72 cents (April 2024, U.S. Energy Information Administration)
Better Reliability
Average Hours of Outages 2.7*
Nebraskan public power customers experience less downtime than 95% of the country.

*Compared to the national average of 5.5 hours (Jan. 2024, U.S. Energy Information Administration)
Public That's you!
Publicly owned means, locally accountable. our board members are elected officals.
Contributions to Local Economy
33% higher
The fees you pay go back into your community and making your utility better.
Public power utilities focus on reliability, lower rates, and local needs like new tech, environmental care, and advanced communications.
Customer First
Community-owned electric utilities serve their customers' interests without any conflicts, as customers are also the owners.
Get involved and be heard.
We're your energy partner and we value your opinions. OPPDCommunityConnect is a platform for our 13-county community to connect, learn about our work, and share your input and ideas.
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