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Streetlight Bill
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Streetlight Bill

Billing Details
Method Number
Number identifies type of lamp under the specific Rate.
Number of Lamps
Total number of lamps for each Method Number during this service period.
Price per Lamp
Price that is charged for each lamp during this service period.
Currant Amount
Usage charge for the Method Number during this service period.
Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment (FPPA)
The FPPA recovers fuel and purchased power costs above or below the Fuel and Purchased Power Base Rate (defined in Rate Schedule 461). OPPD will calculate the FPPA prior to the start of each year and apply this charge to the number of kilowat t-hours used each month.
Total Usage Amount
Total of Current Amount for the Rate during this service period.
Sub-Total Amount per Rate
Sub-total amount for the Rate during this serviced period which carries forward to the first page.