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Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC) Rebate Program

Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC) Rebate Program

Increase your RTU's efficiency and save

Energy Efficiency PartnerOPPD offers rebates for adding qualifying technology to your rooftop unit (RTU). Installing an Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC) improves efficiency by up to 68 percent, while maintaining comfort, saving you energy and money.

Rebate amounts are based on the tonnage of your RTU as well as the technology installed. Rebates range from $135 to $207 per ton, and could be up to $8,280 per unit.

Qualifying Technologies

  • Catalyst by Transformative Wave
  • Digi-RTU by Bes-Tec
  • DrivePak by NextRev
  • Pearl Economizer with Fan Control by Pelican

Key Requirements

  • RTUs must be 40 tons or less and properly maintained
  • A 3-year maintenance agreement on each RTU is required 
  • Installation must be performed by an approved Trade Ally
  • Must be an OPPD business customer with account in good standing


Many answers to questions regarding the ARC rebate program may be found in the FAQs, by contacting an OPPD Trade Ally, or email
If you are a contractor and would like approval to work on ARC projects, review the requirements and available training.

The Process

  • Select an approved Trade Ally to complete an ARC project proposal
  • Trade Ally completes rebate application
  • Review Terms and Conditions and ARC Rebate Reference Sheet
  • Receive rebate pre-approval from OPPD
  • Complete ARC device installation within 90 days
  • Trade Ally submits itemized invoice to OPPD within 30 days of project completion
  • Rebate check generated

Choose an RTU Trade Ally

Trade Allies are companies approved by OPPD to submit rebates applications. They have completed OPPD program training and, in most cases, will provide audits and proposals at no cost or obligation. Trade Ally also completes all documentation needed for rebates.