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Business Rebate FAQs

Business Rebate FAQs

Am I eligible to participate in the program?

All OPPD business customers with accounts in good standing may qualify for rebates. 

Am I (the customer) allowed to complete the rebate application?

Applications need to be completed by an approved Trade Ally with input from the customer. All Trade Allies have agreed to complete applications on behalf of the customer unless otherwise specified. Trade Allies have attended training to learn the application process in detail. They are also the source for up-to-date information about the program. Always work through an approved Trade Ally.

What is an Approved Trade Ally?

An Approved Trade Ally can be a contractor, distributor, manufacturer or other company who has committed to OPPD’s Trade Ally application, and successfully attended and completed OPPD Rebate Program training. It is mandatory for each Trade Ally to come to training to stay current on changes or additions to rebate programs. 

How do I get my rebate?

Your selected Trade Ally will complete and submit an OPPD rebate application with the required supporting documents. OPPD will preapprove the rebate and send a confirmation email. After project completion, you or your trade ally submits an invoice to OPPD for rebate payment.

How long does it take to get my check?

Rebates can take up to 45 days to process after the invoice and/or required documentation arrives at OPPD. 

Who will get the check?

A rebate check is sent from OPPD to the person or entity listed on the application. Typically, the rebate goes to the customer or the trade ally. 

I didn’t get preapproval and now the project is either in process or done. What do I do?

All projects must be preapproved in order to ensure funding. This project may not be able to receive an OPPD rebate. Confirmation of preapproval is sent via email. This confirmation provides documentation the rebate you expect has been set aside. We use preapprovals to make the program fair to all customer owners and to ensure rebate dollars are used for energy efficiency projects that would not have occurred without them. If you have a unique situation please contact us for further review and possible funding at

I’ve sent in the rebate paperwork but I haven’t received preapproval from OPPD yet, I know it will be approved so can’t I just start the project anyway?

No. We review each project to make sure it falls within our terms and conditions, and to ensure funding is available. Starting the project before receiving a preapproval confirmation could be risky. Always make sure you have your preapproval to insure a rebate will be waiting for you.

Is there presently money available for rebates?

Funding has always been available for rebates in the past. If funds run low, OPPD will notify the Trade Allies and information will be posted on our website.

How much of the cost can I expect the rebate to cover?

Our rebate programs are designed to cover approximately 20 percent of the installed cost. However, individual manufacturer, distributor or contractor prices can fluctuate substantially based on many criteria including the number of units purchased, the ease of access to the equipment, etc. As the program matures, experience will help us calculate an average. In the meantime, it’s best to consult with our Trade Allies to determine final costs, simple paybacks and the impact of the rebate.

What if I have a problem with the installation or operation of the equipment?

Contact the Trade Ally that worked on your project if you have problems with the installation or operation of equipment.

Who do I contact for more information?

An approved Trade Ally can almost always provide a no cost, no obligation quote for Lighting, ARC and HVAC installations. Or, email for more information. We will provide answers to your emailed questions within two business days.

HVAC Specific: If I install equipment that meets code can I get a rebate?

Rebates for HVAC are for equipment with EER above 2015 code. However, there is still a standard $50 per nominal ton rebate for conversion and new construction of a heat pump system. Rebates are based on the energy efficiency ratio (EER), according to the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) equipment rating. An AHRI certificate is one of the required documents needed for OPPD to process your rebate.

HVAC Specific: What if I have an emergency situation and I can’t wait for preapproval?

Let us know! We will rush the preapproval process. You or your trade ally should email or call 402-636-3536 as soon as possible and explain the situation.

HVAC Specific: Can a new construction project receive a rebate?

Yes. As long as your installation exceeds 2015 code. There is an additional $50 per ton for new and conversion heat pump installations regardless of code level.

Lighting Specific: Do all lighting rebates require paperwork showing existing lamps were correctly recycled?

No. The only time recycling documentation is necessary is in a lamp upgrade rebate to show that energy efficient lighting was installed in place of old lighting technology. That means going from F32 T8s to F32 T8 28 watt, or F32 T8 25 watt. Without the recycling statement the more efficient lamps could have been placed in a warehouse and not installed. See the Lighting configurations sheet for more information.

Lighting Specific: Are there rebates available for outdoor lighting?

Only parking garage lighting is eligible for rebates, and only if it is on during daylight hours during the summer.  Our rebate program is designed around decreasing summer peak demand. Outdoor lighting after sundown does not affect our peak. Refer to the Lighting Rebate Application for the program definition of parking garage.

ARC Specific: What is an RTU?

A roof top unit (RTU) is the equipment used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

ARC Specific: What is an Advanced Rooftop Unit Controller (ARC)?

An ARC is fairly new technology developed to be retrofit to an existing RTU. ARCs can make RTUs up to 70 percent more energy efficient. These upgrades adjust the way the RTU operates in order to save energy, while still keeping occupants comfortable. 

ARC Specific: Why does OPPD offer ARC Rebates?

RTUs are historically inefficient and generally purchased because of their low initial cost. Many times, operating costs are not considered in their purchase. Industry experience also shows that most RTUs are larger than they need to be, which results in wasted energy. The upgrades that OPPD offers rebates on result in the RTUs operating only at the level needed, saving you energy and money.

ARC Specific: What size RTUs qualify for ARC installations within this program?

RTU’s from 1 to 20 tons with one or two compressors qualify. The RTUs must be well maintained. A three-year maintenance agreement is also required to qualify for the rebate.

ARC Specific: Will I see the impact of installing an ARC on my energy bills?

During the ARC Rebate Program research phase, OPPD found that RTU add-ons can increase RTU efficiency, on average, by 40 percent. However, your specific energy- and cost-savings depends on many other factors such as operating hours, number of occupants in the space, number of RTUs, what other equipment is included in your bill, etc. In order to get a better idea of what kind of savings you can expect, we recommend working closely with a Trade Ally and asking specifically about kilowatt-hour (kWh) savings. 

Trade Ally Specific: How do I become a Trade Ally?

To become an OPPD Trade Ally follow these steps:

  1. Attend FREE Trade Ally training. Training must be renewed annually.
  2. Complete and submit a Trade Ally application (provided at training).

Trade Ally Specific: What is the benefit of being a Trade Ally?

Trade Allies have the ability to bring OPPD Rebates to customers which can increase your company sales. We think it’s a win-win situation! 

Trade Ally Specific: Is the customer allowed to complete the rebate paperwork?

All paperwork needs to be completed by an approved a Trade Ally with input from the customer. All Trade Allies agree to complete all application paperwork on behalf of the customer unless otherwise specified. An application submitted by a customer will delay the process and, in some cases, be denied. 

Trade Ally Specific: As a Trade Ally, I informed my customer about the Rebate Program. They said they were not interested, so the application and paperwork was not submitted to OPPD for preapproval. Later, after the project was complete, they said they wanted to receive a rebate. What should I tell them?

Unfortunately, this project will typically not be eligible for a rebate. Without an application, there is no record the installation was actually done during the current program term. Rebate amounts may have changed or the program may have been modified in ways that would disallow the payment or affect the amount.

Always stress the importance of the application process. If you find yourself in this situation, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible so that we can discuss possible outcomes. 

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