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Custom Rebate Program

Custom Rebate Program

Upgrade your building - improve energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Partner

The Custom Rebate Program provides rebates for both energy studies and implementation projects. It is designed to cover projects not covered by our other business rebates. 

An Energy Study rebate - 50% of the study cost not to exceed $10,000 per building - is the first phase of the process. The Energy Study rebate will be paid after the customer commits to implement an energy efficiency project with a trade ally and OPPD has pre-approved the project.

The Custom Rebate is $500 per actual kW of peak demand reduction, limited to one project rebate per facility per calendar year. The project rebate is paid after documentation is submitted by the trade ally showing energy and demand savings.

The implementation of the custom project can save money on energy bills, make buildings more comfortable and operation more reliable. Approved custom projects help reduce electricity demand and reduce greenhouse emissions, which will help to improve your ENERGY STAR score.


  • Energy and cost savings
  • Reduces carbon foot print while helping improve overall ENERGY STAR score
  • Rebates may cover up to 50% of custom project cost
  • Attractive simple paybacks with OPPD rebates
  • May qualify for a Nebraska Energy Office low-interest loan of 2.5 to 5.0 percent

Key Requirements

  • Custom Rebates are available to OPPD business customers with accounts in good standing
  • Results of the project must be deemed by OPPD to be sustainable for at least 5 years
  • Rebate requests shall feature energy efficiency measures that are NOT being funded by other OPPD programs (such as Lighting or ARC rebate programs)
  • An approved Trade Ally must be used to be considered for a Custom Rebate 


Many answers to questions regarding the custom rebate program may be found in the FAQs, by contacting an OPPD Trade Ally, or email
If your company implements energy efficiency projects, and would like to become a trade ally, review the requirements and available training.

The Process

  • Approved Trade Ally completes an energy study identifying a project which will decrease summer peak demand
  • Customer agrees to complete the identified project
  • Review Terms and Conditions
  • Trade Ally completes online application for project pre-approval and to generate an Energy Study rebate
  • Energy Study and project are reviewed by OPPD and approved or denied
  • Complete the project
  • Trade Ally submits all qualifying documentation including energy savings and demand reduction report
  • OPPD approves peak demand reduction 
  • Rebate check generated 

Examples of Qualifying Custom Projects

  • Energy control systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Refrigerant systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Motors and drives
  • Commissioning projects

Choose a Custom Trade Ally

Custom Trade Allies are companies approved by OPPD to submit projects and rebate applications. They have completed OPPD program training, and provided documentation showing experience in their field of expertise. Approved trade allies complete all documentation, measurement and verfication needed for custom rebates.