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ECO 24/7
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ECO 24/7

Reduce whole-building energy consumption and qualify for rebates


  • Cuts energy costs up to 50%
  • Reduces capital costs up to 75%
  • Provides simple paybacks of 1 to 4 years
  • Produces sustainable results beyond 10 years 
  • Resolves operating issues
  • Improves indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides advanced technician training 
  • Qualifies for incentives

About ECO 24/7

ECO 24/7 is the most cost-effective approach to saving energy through your existing HVAC system. If the facility is in need of HVAC retrofits or control upgrades, the ECO 24/7 process will substantially reduce capital costs. 

Every project focuses on improving and maintaining building comfort which is paramount to maintaining energy savings. An ECO 24/7 project may include minor hardware upgrades but is primarily system optimization through custom control strategies and algorithms.

After completion of an ECO 24/7 project, many buildings have attained ENERGY STAR status. ECO 24/7 projects also maximize Custom Rebates ($500 per kW of summer demand reduction), qualify for Nebraska Dollar and Energy Savings Loans (currently up to $750,000 at 2.5 percent) and may qualify for tax advantages


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Case Studies

ECO 24/7 Flyer
Alegent McAuley Center
Plaza of the Americas
Ameritrade Building
Ford Motor Credit Building
Gallup University
Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.
Regency Center
Terrace Plaza