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Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency

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As we experience an increasing reliance on electricity to power our daily lives and activities, there is a growing concern with how to use energy efficiently. If your energy use around the home is inefficient, appliances and technology used every day may not work as effectively, you may not be as comfortable during the changing seasons and electricity bills may increase in cost. People are becoming more aware of sustainability needs as well as wanting to manage their own energy costs. OPPD can help! There are many energy efficiency tips and tricks that can help our customers moderate their electricity costs and take control of their energy use.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Impact

Saving energy translates directly to saving money. The use of incandescent bulbs can cost up to $17 per month. Using LED bulbs will cost about $3 per month. Unplugging electronics that aren’t in use, such as gaming systems, computers, sound systems or TVs, can save you up to $6 per month, per system.

Using appliances, electronics, and lighting more efficiently can also prevent customers from wasting energy. Energy saving methods include making sure your heating/cooling system fan is set to auto, washing laundry with cold water whenever possible and utilizing your dyer’s moisture sensor versus timed drying. Switching your lightbulbs to LED bulbs can help tremendously as well. LED bulbs are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and 20% more efficient than Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs.


Simple adjustments to your energy use around the home can create a big impact. Your new energy-efficient measures will help you manage the cost of your utility bill and energy usage, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. More efficient energy use is better for the environment!

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