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Kiewit Luminarium & Supporting STEM Exploration
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Kiewit Luminarium & Supporting STEM Exploration

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photo of Omaha's Luminarium

OPPD is comprised of many different professions and employees, and as the 12th largest public power utility in the U.S., we understand the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. OPPD is excited about the opening of Kiewit Luminarium and the many ways we will be partnering with the new science center.

Luminate STEM

Located in Omaha on the revitalized RiverFront, Kiewit Luminarium is “a place for everyone to explore the astonishing phenomena that shape our world, our communities, and ourselves.” This 82,000 square foot building will feature over 100 interactive exhibits to educate and inspire visitors. These exhibits will rotate and will explore phenomena like motion and heat, built structures, mathematical concepts, and other topics surrounding science, art, and human perception.

OPPD partnered with the Luminarium to install 336 rooftop solar panels on the Luminarium, both as a power source and to provide education on how OPPD is embracing renewable energy. The building also has the flexibility to adapt and change for multiple configurations depending on the needs of future exhibits, including some partner exhibits with OPPD. Check back with us to stay up to date on any future OPPD exhibits!

Kiewit Luminarium is intended for all ages and wants to encourage people of all backgrounds to gain confidence as life-long learners. The museum’s goal is to welcome a diverse crowd of visitors and encourage more STEM exploration. To make Kiewit Luminarium more accessible to a variety of patrons, all exhibit plaques are written in both English and Spanish. There will also be a variety of membership models offered in order to accommodate families of all economic backgrounds.

In addition to the interactive STEM exhibits, Kiewit Luminarium will feature a restaurant on the main floor and a lounge area upstairs for patrons who need a break while exploring. There will also be one night a week dedicated to adults-only exploration and programming.

Luminate Youth Job Opportunities

A unique aspect of Kiewit Luminarium is their “Luminator” program, providing part-time employment opportunities for 15-18 year-olds. Luminators will engage with visitors, lead demonstrations, and serve as connections to the community. These are paid positions that provide teens with professional development and peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities.

Students do not have to excel in science or have plans to pursue a STEM career to become a Luminator. They simply need to enrolled in high school, alternative high school, or GED courses, and have interest in one (or more!) of the following:
  • Education and/or educating others
  • STEM topics and activities
  • Social Sciences
  • Simply facilitating a great experience for visitors to Kiewit Luminarium

Luminators will receive frequent training, will practice leadership and communication skills, and build confidence for learning and teaching. The first “term” of the Luminator program will be from March- August 2023, with additional terms to be announced.

For more information on Kiewit Luminarium, check out the links in the Learn More! box and the articles and news stories linked below. OPPD is committed to promoting STEM education throughout its service territory and looks forward to seeing how this facility will spur interest in those who may have a future with STEM careers.