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Generation Plan - 2014

Generation Plan - 2014

OPPD's Generation Plan Going Forward

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OPPD’s process for supplying your electricity is getting cleaner. Thanks to the input many of you supplied, OPPD has committed to a dramatic change in how it will generate the electricity you use. See Additional Resources for all presentations and supporting material.

After hearing from you, OPPD’s Board of Directors adopted a recommendation in June 2014 that will reduce future greenhouse gas and other emissions at its existing power plants, while keeping the district able to deliver the electricity its customers want to use. As a result of the plan, OPPD will shut down three of the five units at its North Omaha Station in 2016 and put stronger emissions controls on the other two units. Then, in 2023, OPPD will quit burning coal altogether in Omaha. Also in 2016, OPPD will install stronger emission controls on Nebraska City Station’s older coal unit.

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The new plan also combines additional wind energy that is already contracted for in the next few years. This increasing supply of wind energy means the electricity OPPD customers use will continue to get cleaner and cleaner.

But, new generation isn’t the only area covered in the plan. As part of the overall recommendation, OPPD has committed to cutting OPPD’s need to generate electricity at key times by 300 megawatts, or 300 million watts. This will reduce or delay the need to buy additional power or build additional power plants.

Review our Q&A to learn more about OPPD’s future generation plan. See Additional Resources for all presentations and supporting material.