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CCR Rule Compliance
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CCR Rule Compliance

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What is CCR Rule?

All owners of CCR units must maintain publicly accessible information specified in CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

OPPD complies with the Federal requirements and posts those reports here. OPPD has also followed strict State guidelines for reporting on the coal ash landfills.

Infographic containing information about Fly AshHow do we Reuse Coal Ash?

There are many uses for the fly ash generated by coal-burning power plants. But is utilizing this byproduct a wise choice? At OPPD, we believe it is, both for our customer-owners and the district’s bottom line. Recently, concerns have been raised about the Coal Combustion Residuals requirements. This infographic explains that reusing fly ash is not only safe and effective under the new law, it also isn’t harmful to the environment.

OPPD CCR Reports     

OPPD maintains three coal ash landfills, one at the North Omaha Power Station and two at the Nebraska City Power Station. Reports for each of the landfills can be found on the following pages.

North Omaha Power Station 
Nebraska City Power Station

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