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News Releases : OPPD offering electric vehicle rebates for 2nd year

Omaha Public Power District is once again offering rebates for electric vehicles (EVs) and charging technology.

Last year, the utility distributed 60 EV rebates and 118 EV charger rebates to customers.

The rebates are possible through a partnership with the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance and include the following:

  • $2,500 rebate after the purchase of a new EV, as well as the installation and registration of a ChargePoint Home™ charging station
    Of 50 rebates offered starting April 10, 2019, 28 are still available.
  • $500 rebate for a ChargePoint Home™ charging station
    Of 50 rebates offered starting April 10, 2019, 49 are still available.
  • $100 rebate after installation of the required electrical work in order to support a level 2 home charging station
    Of 100 rebates available starting April 10, 2019, 86 are still available.

The rebates are beneficial not only to those in the market for an EV, but also to the utility as it plans for the future.

“Customers agree through their charging station activation to let us track and monitor their charging habits,” said OPPD Product Specialist Tricia McKnight. “That helps us look at potential impacts of EV growth on our distribution system so that we can manage those impacts in grid planning.”

To apply for a rebate, visit Read more about the program and how customers are benefitting on OPPD’s The Wire.

Additional manufacturer rebates are available from the following dealerships:

  • Nissan: $3,500 incentive for 2019 Nissan Leaf® with 40 kWh battery & $2,500 incentive for 2019 Nissan Leaf® with 62 kWh battery
  • Audi: $1,000 off manufacturer’s suggested retail price of a new 2019 Audi e-tron purchased after Jan. 1, 2019
  • GM: $5,500 off 2019 Chevy Bolt with additional dealership rebates throughout the metro area

Local auto dealerships have also partnered with OPPD to promote the rebates, with some offering additional dealership rebates. Dealership partners include Huber Chevrolet, Woodhouse Nissan (Bellevue), Sid Dillon (Blair), Nissan of Omaha, H&H Chevrolet, and Audi of Omaha.

Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 may be available to those purchasing EVs or EV technology. Customers should talk with their tax advisor for specific details.