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News Releases : Aerial transmission line inspections get underway today

OPPD is taking to the skies to help ensure electric reliability for its customer-owners. We know how crucial that is, as more people are working from and spending more time at home.

The district conducts aerial inspections of transmission lines periodically, and the latest round of inspections is set to get underway this afternoon. The survey, which will be conducted by helicopter, is expected to take three to five days. The precise schedule and flight path is subject to weather conditions.

The utility contracts helicopters to survey various portions of the 1,280 miles of transmission lines that serve OPPD’s territory. Aerial surveys have proven to be the quickest and lowest-cost method to spot potential problems in the district’s transmission system.

For this inspection, the helicopter will be used to conduct a detailed survey of 69kV transmission lines in the Omaha metro and south rural areas of our service territory.

It’s equipped with a 100 mega pixel camera and stabilization system to take high resolution photos of transmission structures. If inspectors spot issues that need quick attention, OPPD dispatchers and transmission and distribution personnel are notified so they can make arrangements for repairs.

While the district will be conducting this round of inspections using a contracted helicopter, OPPD also has an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) at its disposal, depending on specific inspection needs and distances.

State and local law enforcement and aviation agencies are notified and updated of the helicopter flight path and timelines as inspections progress.