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News Releases : OPPD makes $37.5 million in payments in-lieu-of-tax
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Today, Omaha Public Power District distributed in-lieu-of-tax payments totaling more than $37.5 million to 11 southeast Nebraska counties. That’s up from $34.4 million distributed last year.

OPPD’s payment to Douglas County totaled $26,860,700, up slightly from $26,342,312 million distributed last year.

“This funding is a testament to OPPD’s commitment to those we serve throughout our communities, from large to small, urban to rural,” said OPPD Board Chair Amanda Bogner, one of six board members representing various portions of Douglas County.

In-lieu-of-tax payment amounts are based on 5% of OPPD’s gross revenues from the previous year’s retail electricity sales in incorporated cities and towns. They take the place of property taxes. County treasurers distribute the funds to school districts, cities and other entities to fund needed services and improvements.

Other board members that represent Douglas County include Vice Chair Eric Williams and Secretary Janece Mollhoff, as well as Directors Mike Cavanaugh, Sara Howard and Craig Moody.

“This is one way we, as a public power utility, give back to our customers and the communities we serve,” said Mollhoff.

“We don’t just serve our communities by providing electricity. We serve by contributing to the betterment of our communities,” said Moody. “Payments in-lieu-of-tax make a big difference for Douglas County.”

“We know they will directly benefit our customer-owners, and that is very gratifying," said Cavanaugh. “The funds contribute to the treasuries of the counties, cities and school districts that we serve.”

Williams added, “We’re happy to be able to provide this source of funding to help these entities so they can maintain and improve facilities and services.”

In addition to in-lieu-of tax payments, the district pays general sales taxes, gasoline taxes, motor vehicle license fees and permit fees, like any other business.

“Our customer-owners can count on us to provide affordable, reliable and environmentally-sensitive energy services. And they can also count on us to be good neighbors,” said Howard.

Below are the payments made to each county (rounded to the nearest dollar):

Douglas: $26,860,700
Sarpy: $9,192,316
Washington: $663,793
Saunders: $325,027
Cass: $285,971
Dodge: $143,127
Nemaha: $38,835
Johnson: $14,483
Richardson: $13,659
Otoe: $3,844
Colfax: $3,821