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News Releases : OPPD President & CEO Javier Fernandez named 2022 board chair for Omaha Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
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Omaha Public Power District President and Chief Executive Officer Javier Fernandez has been chosen for an additional leadership role. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has designated Fernandez chair of the Board of Directors of the Omaha Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for 2022.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks that, along with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up our nation's central bank. Their mission is to work in the public’s interest by supporting economic and financial stability.

Omaha Branch directors represent the state of Nebraska. Fernandez first joined the board in 2020, while in the role of vice president - Finance and chief financial officer for OPPD. His appointment grew from his involvement with the Federal Reserve throughout 2019, when he attended a series of meetings to provide input on the economy. Fernandez is among three directors selected to serve, out of seven, who work outside of the banking industry.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City announced Fernandez as Omaha board chair Tuesday, Jan. 5, along with other appointments and election results for board of directors’ seats and positions at its headquarters office in Kansas City and its two other branch offices in Oklahoma City and Denver.

As the regional headquarters of the nation’s central bank, the Kansas City Fed and its branch offices in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha serve the seven states of the Tenth District: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, northern New Mexico and western Missouri.

More information on the role and structure of the Bank’s Board of Directors is available on the Kansas City Fed’s website.