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News Releases : Notice of Dodge Expressway closure for OPPD transmission line work
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In order to ensure reliable delivery of electricity services to our customer-owners, Omaha Public Power District conducts periodic inspections, maintenance and repair of our power lines, as needed. Occasionally, maintenance work may include relocation, removal and/or modification of existing transmission lines.

Our next transmission line project involves the relocation of lines that cross the West Dodge Expressway.

This will require the closing of the West Dodge Expressway at 108 St between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night (May 17th, 18th and 19th). During this time, one lane going east on lower West Dodge Rd., under the expressway, and at least two lanes going west, will remain open to traffic. Click here to view a map of the closure area.

OPPD is working with the Nebraska Department of Transportation on this road closure in order to safely complete our work.

We know a road closure like this can be inconvenient for commuters. OPPD greatly appreciates our customers’ patience as we work to maintain the health of our electric system.

OPPD’s electric system includes transmission lines (high voltages) and distribution lines (lower voltages) – both of which serve customers. Each type of line has its own characteristics and jobs. This video explains the difference between the types of power lines we use to deliver energy to our customers.

We operate and maintain more than 1,200 miles of high-voltage transmission lines within our 13-county service territory. OPPD takes great pride in meeting today’s energy needs, while planning and preparing for future needs.

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