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News Releases : OPPD urges customers to do research before signing rooftop solar contracts
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As rooftop solar prices have come down, Omaha Public Power District has seen increased interest from both residential and business customers who are looking to generate their own electricity.

This year, to date, we’ve had approximately 250 applications from customers looking to connect new solar panels to our grid. We received 835 applications in 2022, 543 applications in 2021 and only 55 applications in 2020.

Solar companies are looking to capitalize from this growing consumer interest in the technology. But not all are on the up and up. OPPD customers are reporting an increasing number of aggressive and even misleading sales pitches, over the phone and door to door. Oftentimes, those making the pitches falsely claim to be working “with OPPD.” OPPD does NOT partner with any solar installers. Any claims to the contrary should be a red flag.

Another misleading claim: “You won’t receive an OPPD bill after installing solar.” This is FALSE. OPPD customers are still required to pay a fixed monthly service charge, whether they have solar panels or not. This charge pays for infrastructure like power lines needed to deliver power to the grid and back to your home, as well as maintenance of that equipment.

OPPD strongly advises:

  • Do not be pressured by a solar company. Do your homework before signing any contracts.
  • Visit to research whether solar is right for your situation. There, you’ll find helpful information, including answers to frequently asked questions.
  • On that website, check out this list of our vetted solar and other customer-owned generation trade allies. These are businesses OPPD has worked with and recommends as trusted sources.
  • ALWAYS get multiple bids from reputable solar contractors before signing any contracts.
  • NEVER let unvetted salespeople into your home. And never give them personal or financial information, whether in person or over the phone.

Visit to read more about the increasing solar generation in our service territory how OPPD works with customers and installers.