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News Releases : OPPD begins another large equipment move Sunday night
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Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 1, and again on Sunday, Oct 8, specialized large-equipment movers on behalf of Omaha Public Power District will move two Generator Step-up (GSU) Transformers to the Turtle Creek Station site at 168th & Fairview Rd. in Sarpy County. Turtle Creek is one of OPPD’s two natural gas generation balancing plants currently under construction.

A GSU transformer is designed to step-up generator output to a higher voltage that’s ready to connect to the transmission network.

Just one of these transformers, loaded on a trailer, weighs about 437,500 pounds. Together, the truck and trailer set-up measures 311-feet long and weighs 879,200 pounds. The transformer equipment arrives to our area by rail before being loaded on a trailer for the final leg of its journey to the new plant.

The work to move the units to Turtle Creek Station is scheduled at night to ensure minimal traffic disruption, as brief road closures may be needed. OPPD and our contracted large-equipment movers have coordinated with city, county, and state officials, as well as members of law enforcement, to ensure the safety of the public and workers along the route.

If members of the public come across this move, we ask that they refrain from approaching employees, contractors or vehicles and stay far back from the work taking place so that we can complete it safely.

The public can stay apprised of updates on the Turtle Creek Station project at