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News Releases : OPPD to take its time determining best options for Energy Plaza
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Part of Omaha Public Power District’s (OPPD) long-term vision of Powering the Future to 2050 includes five-year priorities that will guide us to these goals. This includes the Master Facilities Plan, a holistic facilities strategy that allows us to plan for future facility needs while providing guidance in managing and sustaining our facilities as we grow and change. We are taking a prudent approach to the Master Facilities Plan and will use data and thorough research to drive our decisions.

Much like other businesses, OPPD has seen a change in how our employees work. This information is helping us rethink how to use our facilities in the future. We remain flexible on location, facilities and timing.

What we know:

  • Because many of our office employees work remotely and at a collaborative space in Aksarben Village, we will not use Energy Plaza in the long-term. We have communicated this decision to our employees and board of directors, and we will continue to do so as more information and answers to questions are available. We continue to have operating field offices across the 13-county service territory.
  • We will continue to keep Energy Plaza in good working condition, as we recognize its importance to the landscape of downtown Omaha.
  • During the next several months, we will continue to gather data and employee feedback on the future needs for facilities as part of the master facilities plan.
  • Fraser Stryker law firm will continue to occupy the building during this time.

What we don’t know:

  • How long it will take to move some of the critical services currently performed in the building.
  • The future ownership of Energy Plaza or the ownership model for any future workspace.
  • What future facilities – and their locations – may be procured for future workspace, or the timing for these decisions.

We look forward to working with our board of directors as well as business and political leaders as our efforts progress. Though we don’t have all the answers now, we will continue to keep our customers and the public informed with an update in 2025.