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Power Outage Map

Click here to view the power outage mapSee where power outages are on OPPD's outage map, updated every 5 minutes to provide you with the most current information.
See Power Outage Map 



If you are experiencing an outage, report your outage online, call 402-554-6773 or download OPPDconnect app

If You Lose Power

OPPD is responsible for the power line and feeder lines off the power line. The homeowner is responsible for and must repair the meter socket, the power mast and the feeder lines off the power mast.

Here are some storm information tips to help you weather the storm. 

After the storm, find out OPPD's process for restoring power, and know when you need to call an electrician.

If you have questions about storm restoration, check out the FAQs.

Storm & Outage Information

Click here to visit the Storm and Outage Center


During a large power outage, the Storm & Outage Center will keep you informed about current outage conditions and restoration efforts.

Follow us on Twitter @OPPDcares and @OPPDstorm, and LIKE us on Facebook for more updates. 

Report Damaged Equipment & Safety Hazards

If you see damage to OPPD equipment such as a pedestal, transformer, pole, etc. or safety hazards such as a missing cover, exposed wires, etc., please call
1-800-554-6773 to make a report.