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Padmount Transformers
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Padmount Transformers

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Padmount transformers are green, metal utility boxes mounted on slabs of concrete near many homes and businesses. This equipment, which provides power for you and your neighbors, sits on an easement that allows OPPD to perform necessary maintenance work on it. Crews may also need access to a padmount to restore service due to a power outage.

Required Clearances

Padmount Transformer Clearance1

To work safely, OPPD crews need at least 10 feet of clearance in front of the transformer (the side that is padlocked), three feet on two sides, and at least one foot on the fourth side.

Padmount Transformer Clearance2

Fencing near a padmount is not a problem, as long as the minimum clearances are met. You must avoid blocking the front side of the transformer. If a fence is to run along that side, it must have a gate that swings away from the front of the padmount.

Customers must refrain from painting the equipment a different color. Ensuring that the equipment is the appropriate color reduces crew confusion and contributes to a safe working environment.

Landscaping Around Padmount Transformers

Fences, shrubs and trees that are located too close to transformers can slow restoration work during an outage, create a serious safety hazard, and may need to be removed to gain access. By keeping this area free from debris, vegetation, fencing and building structures, you can help avoid outages, quickly return service in emergency situations and avoid unnecessary costs.

Padmount Clearance Compressed

For more information about landscaping around padmount transformers, contact OPPD’s Forestry Department. As with any project that involves digging, you should call before you dig at least two workdays prior to starting.


OPPD contractor crews inspect and repair OPPD’s padmount electric equipment. This work is part of an ongoing inspection program to help extend equipment life and avoid outages.

If you have any questions regarding the inspection and construction program please call Consumer Sales and Service, 402-636-3330.