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Energy Efficiency Videos
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Energy Efficiency Videos

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Click on any room or section of the house FOR home energy savings tips.

Floor Plan for Home Utility Savings

Attic, Garage and Unconditioned Spaces

There are many unconditioned spaces in your home – attic, garage, utility room, etc. – which often get overlooked for energy-efficient and conservation measures. Let’s see what we can dig up!

Office and Electronics

In this digital age, electronics are found in every room of the house and many of them have energy-efficient settings. Check out our list below for more information.


Even while you sleep, your home can still use energy. Below we have outlined some tips on saving electricity and staying comfortable without breaking the bank.


This may not be a hot spot for energy efficiency, but there are ways to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort. Check those out below.

Living Room

From lighting to windows to your thermostat, the living room is a great place to make the most out of home energy savings. Read on to see how to reduce electricity bills in your main living space.


There are many more ways you can save energy that don’t necessarily fit into one particular room. We have you covered with more tips below.


Even with energy-efficient appliances, you can still learn how to save money on electric bills with the helpful tips you’ll find below.

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The majority of your energy usage comes from your HVAC system. Below we have outlined numerous tips to help you stay comfortable and maintain your system while lowering your utility bills.

Energy-Efficiency Videos

Watch our DIY videos below for a variety of ways to not only conserve energy and save money, but understand their effects on your home!

Seasonal ways to save energy

Spring and Summer Tips

Looking for simple ways to help make your home more energy efficient for the warmer seasons? Watch our video on preparing your home for Spring and Summer so you can learn how to save money on your utility bill!

Preparing Your Home for Fall and Winter

Looking for quick ways to help make your home more energy efficient during the colder months? Watch our video on preparing your home for Fall and Winter so you can learn how to save money on your utility bill!

Energy-savings tips for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Heat Pumps

Have a heat pump and wonder how it works? Watch our video to learn how it heats your home and how it can be used to save on your utility bill.


Do you have a room that is always too cold or too hot? Watch our video on balancing your airflow to learn tips on how to regulate that situation.


Want to add additional comfort to your home, while saving you money? Check out our video on insulation to learn more about slowing the flow of heat in your home and how you can save on your utility bill.

Sealing Ductwork

Want to make sure get the most out of your heating and cooling system? Check out our video on sealing your ductwork to help eliminate any air leakage, and making sure your system is running efficiently.

Other ways to save on utility bills

Causes of High Usage

We learn a lot about saving energy and how to do so. But, what causes a high energy usage bill? Watch our video on Causes of High Usage to learn more!

Space Heaters

Space heaters can be effective in reducing your energy usage. To find out more, check out our video on Space Heaters!

Watt Detectors

A lot of items in our homes use electricity. But, just how much do they use? Watch our video on Watt Detectors to find out.

Phantom Load

Have you ever heard unplugging electronics will help save you on your electricity bill? Watch our video on Phantom Load to get to the bottom of it!

Energy-Efficiency Educational Webinars

Looking for a deeper dive into energy-efficiency topics? Check out our Energy Advisor’s webinar collection from Air Flow to Health and Safety.

Energy Audits

Have you ever wondered what goes into an energy audit of your home and how to contact an energy rater? Watch our energy audit webinar to find out!

Introduction to Air Flow

For ways to seal your ducts and balance the air flow in your home to make it more efficient and comfortable, watch our introductory webinar on air flow!

Introduction to Energy Efficiency & Conservation

This webinar is a crash course in all things energy efficiency and conservation. We will cover the basics as well as some fun, miscellaneous areas like phantom load!

Energy Efficiency & Smart Technology

Smart technology is all around us, including how we can interact with our homes and HVAC! Watch this webinar to get a look at some of the more popular energy efficiency-related smart technology for your home.

Introduction to Health and Safety

Energy efficiency does wonders for our comfort and our utility bill. This can come with some unintended consequences regarding health and safety. Watch this webinar to get an introductory course on how to keep your home healthy and safe.

Introduction to Insulation

Insulation is a fairly complex subject. In this webinar, we give an introductory look at the types of insulation, where to insulate and what effects you can expect from adding insulation in your home!


Energy Usage FAQs