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Energy Usage FAQ

Energy Usage FAQ

How much does OPPD charge for electricity?

OPPD’s average annual electric cost for residential customers is $.0936 for every kWh (kilowatt-hour) of electricity used.

What affects the cost of electricity?

That depends on many variables, including:

  • Rates. Depending on where you live, each utility has different rates.
  • Energy efficiency of your home and appliances.
  • Behaviors/lifestyle. Includes the number of people in your home, the number of electronics and appliances, and how much you use those devices.
  • Time of year. Generally, summer rates are higher than winter rates.

How is electric consumption measured?

By kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is 1,000 watts of electricity used for one hour. For example, ten 100-watt light bulbs running for one-hour would equal one kilowatt-hour. Your electric bill reflects the total kWh used during your billing period.

What’s the difference between a watt and a kilowatt-hour?

A watt is the rate of electric use by an appliance at the instant it is measured. Lights, appliances and electronics have various watt ratings. A 100-watt light bulb uses twice as much energy as a 50-watt light bulb in that same instant.

One kilowatt equals 1,000 watts.

Kilowatt-hours represent the amount of electric usage over a one-hour period. If you use 1,000 watts of electricity for one hour, that equals one kilowatt-hour of usage.

How do you calculate kilowatt-hours?
  1. Multiply the wattage of an electric device by the number of hours you use it.
  2. Divide that number by 1,000. That will convert the number from watt-hours to kilowatt-hours.
  3. Multiply the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) by the cost per kWh to determine the cost of using that device. 

Formula:Watts x hours used ÷ 1,000 x cost per kWh = cost of electricity used

Example: Assume your home uses a 2,000-watt window air conditioner, which runs for eight hours, and you pay $.1125 per kWh.

  • 2,000 x 8 ÷ 1,000 x $.1125 = $1.80
  • The cost to run the window AC for eight hours is $1.80

How much electricity do lights and appliances use?

Lights and appliances use electricity at different rates, and are rated by their wattage. Generally, the older and/or the less efficient the appliance, the more watts and thus kilowatt-hours (kWh) it will use. See the examples below.

Appliance Wattage   Hours/Day     kWh     Monthly kWh  
Window air conditioner (medium size)      1,000 watts     10   10 300
42-inch plasma TV 270 watts 10 2.7 81
Incandescent light bulb (100 watts) 100 watts 10 1 30
Compact fluorescent light bulb (25 watts)   25 watts 10 0.25 7.5
Light emitting diode (19 watts) 19 watts 10 0.19 5.7

Use the OPPD appliance calculator to estimate energy use for a number of different appliances and lights.

Can I look at my energy bill and usage on line?

Yes, just go to MyAccount

  • Log in with your ID and Password
  • If a new user, click on New to MyAccount? to register
  • Once logged in, click and view your Account Information
  • You can then view your historical energy billing by individual month

Have other home energy usage questions?

If you have other questions, please email, and you will be contacted by the next business day. You also can call an energy advisor at 531-226-3850, or visit the Energy Advisor webpage.