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Smart Thermostat FAQs

Smart Thermostat FAQs

What is OPPD’s Thermostat Program?

OPPD’s Thermostat Program is a bring-your-own thermostat program, designed to reward customers for saving energy when demand for electricity is high, using smart, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. OPPD customers who own a qualifying thermostat and enroll in the Thermostat Program can receive a one-time $100 credit on their OPPD bill. They can receive an additional $20 credit annually for their participation.

Currently, Nest thermostats are eligible for OPPD bill credits; however, OPPD is evaluating other thermostat brands for inclusion in its Thermostat Program.

Which thermostats are currently eligible?

Nest thermostats are currently eligible, including Thermostat E, 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat, 2nd gen Nest Learning Thermostat, and 1st gen Nest Thermostat.

How will I receive these bill credits?

Participants can receive the one-time $100 bill credit within 90 days of signing up. They can receive the $20 annual bill credit in September. If you are on a Level Payment plan through OPPD, these credits will be applied to your normal level payment amount during the periods noted above.

Will the Thermostat Program lower my monthly utility bill?

Beyond the bill credits mentioned above, OPPD does not offer ongoing monthly bill credits through this program. Energy and cost savings from using a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat vary by home; please check with your thermostat manufacturer for any estimates.

What is Nest Rush Hour Rewards with OPPD? How does it work?

New or existing Nest Thermostat customers who are OPPD residential account-holders may take part in a thermostat management program called Nest Rush Hour Rewards by signing up via a link available at or (To take part, customers may not be already enrolled in the Cool Smart program. To cancel Cool Smart enrollment, email or call 402-536-4131.)

  • On days when demand for electricity is high, OPPD and Nest will manage your air conditioning through the thermostat. This includes 15 days or fewer per year, between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m., May through October. The thermostat is managed no longer than 4 hours per event, with a maximum of one event per day, and three events per calendar week. Normal Rush Hour events will never take place on holidays or weekends.
  • The Nest thermostat can help lower energy during peak usage times by pre-cooling your home for one hour and adjusting the temperature up to three degrees during the Rush Hour event. This will not cause additional wear and tear on your cooling system.
  • Normal Rush Hour events are scheduled two hours prior to the start time. Customers are notified of an event via the Nest app and thermostat display. OPPD reserves the right to schedule critical Rush Hour events in an emergency, where customers would be provided with 10-minutes notice.
  • You are in control. If you are home, the Nest thermostat will try to keep you comfortable. But if it gets too warm, you can adjust the temperature at any time.

How do I sign up for Nest Rush Hour Rewards?

You can register for Nest Rush Hour Rewards by visiting or

During a Rush Hour event, when does Nest start pre-cooling my home?

Nest will start pre-cooling your home one hour prior to the Rush Hour event. Please note that each home will perform differently based on your individual heating and cooling patterns and your home’s individual thermal properties.

Will I be notified of a Rush Hour event?

Yes. In most cases, you will be notified of an event two hours prior to the event start time, via your Nest thermostat and Nest app. In these cases, your system will pre-cool your home one hour before the event starts.

In rare cases, OPPD may initiate a critical Rush Hour event with a 10-minute notification window. In those cases, your system will not pre-cool your home. Due to the urgent nature of the event, they may occur any day or time during the week including weekends.

Will my home remain comfortable during a Rush Hour event?

Yes, the Nest thermostat learns your comfort level and your home’s thermal envelope, or unique thermal properties. You are always in control, and you can change the temperature at any time.

What happens after a Rush Hour event?

When the Rush Hour event is over, your Nest thermostat will return to its normal preferred schedule and settings. Each month, Nest will email you a report about your heating and cooling system energy usage.

I have more than one air conditioner and/or thermostat. How do I participate?

To participate in Nest Rush Hour Rewards, you will need to have all air conditioning units and/or thermostats enrolled. You can receive a one-time $100 bill credit for each thermostat as well as a $20 annual bill credit for each thermostat.

During Rush Hour events, all thermostats will be managed by Nest to best suit your home’s comfort level and to meet the needs of the event.

How do I know if the thermostat is compatible with my air conditioner or heat pump?

You can check your Nest thermostat’s compatibility with this program at

What if I need help installing my Nest Thermostat?

Many local contractors may install Nest thermostats. You can find a Nest Pro Elite Installer near you at

Will you have access to any other systems in my house?

OPPD will only have access to your Nest thermostat.

Does my utility company control my thermostat settings?

OPPD uses Nest technology to adjust your thermostat prior to and during a Rush Hour event.

Will the Rush Hour Rewards program cost me anything?

There is no fee for you to participate in the Rush Hour Rewards Program. The only cost to you will be the purchase of the thermostat.

Where can I purchase a Nest thermostat?

Nest thermostats are available at many major retailers, heating and air conditioning contractors, hardware stores, select furniture stores, and more. You may also purchase online through Nest or various distributors.

Am I required to do anything while participating in the program?

You are required to stay enrolled in the Rush Hour Rewards Program, have your thermostat connected to Wi-Fi, and have an active account with Nest.

Am I eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate you must:

  • Be an OPPD residential service account-holder
  • Have a working central air conditioner, heat pump or geothermal system
  • Have an operable, compatible thermostat
  • Have a wireless network at your residence
  • Have an active account with the thermostat manufacturer and have the thermostat linked to that account
  • Not be already enrolled in Cool Smart. Email or call 402-536-4131 to cancel enrollment in Cool Smart prior to enrolling in the Thermostat Program.
  • Agree to terms and conditions

Can I choose to opt out of a Nest Rush Hour event on a given day?

Yes. You may choose to opt out of a Rush Hour event any day via your phone app or thermostat.

What if I don’t want to participate in Rush Hour Rewards anymore?

Please email or call 402-536-4131 to be removed from the program. We do ask that you try the program for a year before withdrawing from the program.

What is the Nest customer support number?


Does my Nest thermostat have a battery?

The Nest thermostat has a rechargeable battery that gets its charge directly through heating and cooling system wires.

What is the different between Cool Smart, Thermostat Program, and HVAC Smart?

Cool Smart is an air conditioning management program and a partnership between the customer and OPPD. This program helps drive down energy demand on the hottest days of summer using an outdoor device attached to the air conditioning unit. Participating customers can receive $30 for signing up and another $20 each year they stay in the program. OPPD owns, installs and operates the air conditioning management devices.

OPPD’s Thermostat Program uses thermostats owned by the customer to help manage energy demand. Participating customers can receive a one-time $100 bill credit incentive and annual $20 participation credit.

OPPD’s HVAC Smart program offers customer rebates when you purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump.

If I have the Cool Smart device can I have the Nest thermostat too?

No, you may have one or the other. You can contact OPPD’s Customer Service Department at or call 402-536-4131 to have the Cool Smart device removed.

Will there be fee for the removal of the Cool Smart device?

No. There is no removal fee.

Can I participate if I rent a house or apartment?

Please consider consulting with your landlord. Whoever pays the monthly OPPD bill can receive the one-time $100 credit and the annual $20 bill credit.

Is OPPD collecting data from individual homes using Nest thermostats?

The agreement between OPPD and Nest does not permit Nest to share data from individual homes or thermostats with OPPD. To be clear, OPPD is unable to obtain any information from Nest related to a specific customer's thermostat run-times, set-points, home/away status, etc.

OPPD and Nest only share specific customer details which are required to enroll the customer in the program and credit the customer’s account for participating. The data shared consists of: Thermostat(s) ID, number of thermostats, customer name, customer address (city, state, zip code) and email address.

Once the program enters the summer months (load control season), OPPD will receive aggregate (non-customer specific) reports from Nest that provides information regarding participation statistics. Such statistics estimate number of customers available to activate for load control and participation levels during the actual load control events.

Both Nest and OPPD greatly value and respects their customer’s information.

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If you have additional questions regarding OPPD's Smart Thermostat Program, email or call 402-536-4131.